Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to boost income for your chamber in the present economic recession


Are you wondering how to boost income for your chamber in the present economic recession? The secret is to have an effective website for your chamber.
Why did I say so? The internet has redefined the ways businesses are been done worldwide.
Nigeria is not an exception! Presently, many Nigerians who otherwise may not have been able to start a business are having a breakthrough on the internet. They are earning extraordinary money effortlessly. Thanks to the internet for making their dreams possible.
According to Jupiter research report: “They found that more than 25% of the people they studied have cut back on watching TV so they can spend more time on the internet. On top of that, 18% of people in the study said they were reading newspapers less and getting their information on the internet instead.”
It has become the ideal place to market whatever product or service anyone has to offer. So it’s the place to brand your chamber.
Every day, more Nigerians are going to the internet. According to latest information: 23,982, 200 Nigerians are using the internet. That’s about 16.1% of the population.
That is an excellent market for your chamber. And the market is still in its infancy.
Don’t get me wrong! There is no get rich quick business anywhere. Even on the internet.
But for you to enhance income for your chamber, it’s becoming easier and economical to attract client on the internet. Everyday more people are using the internet to search for your service.
Yes, designing an effective website take time, research, marketing strategy and business planning. If you have the time, you can learn to design an effective website and manage it yourself. Otherwise, you can get an expert to do it for you.
Once you have acquired the knowledge of running a successful business online you are on your way to boosting your chamber income.
With the knowledge, you can design an effective website to attract potential visitors that will want to buy your products and services.
That gives you competitive edge over your competitors with traditional form of websites. These are sites that are built without considering the reality of how the internet works.
Other incredible benefit is that your website can automatically respond to customers and visitors. And follow up with them for months. That way it strengthens your customer relationships with clients.
Another advantage of an effective website is that it can generate entirely new income streams without high overhead costs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to know a good Web designer for your chamber site By Bode Oruku


Do you know that most Nigerians having websites don’t get returns on what they invest designing their website? If you doubt me, ask a friend who owns a website.
Do you know why? It’s because most Nigeria web designer can only design websites that look attractive but cannot be found by the search engines.
Yes, the site will speak about their products and services but no visitors or any sign that they will make any money from it.
They do not have the experience of using keywords which is the ideal way to attract free targeted visitors from the search engines to your website. Keywords are the words that people use when they are searching for information on the search engines.
But for your law chamber you actually desire an effective website that will generate potential targeted traffic for your business without advertising cost. So what are the important things to consider when you are hiring a Nigeria website designer?
Let’s consider the following:
You need a website designer that understands how people use the internet to search for information. And have in-depth knowledge of using the keywords.
The Nigeria master web should have the skill to write highly informative content for your site based on what your potential target audiences are searching for.
You should understand that people go to the internet looking for information to solve a problem bothering them. Not for you or your business.
What is the effect of employing a good Nigeria master web?
The search engines will rank your law website high in their database. That will attract consistent targeted visitors that will be happy to have come across your website.
Based on the relevant and worthy law information you are sharing with your site visitors, you create a lasting impression on them. They will gradually develop trust and confidence in you.
They will perceive you as an expert in the law industry that they can listen to his/her advice.
On the internet, trusts convert to money. Now that they perceive you as a trusted expert they can listen to in your industry, you can sell something to them.
You can monetize your website by selling your law services to them. You can also market on your site tangible products such as law books, law accessories and your professional service, digital products, and affiliate programs (selling other peoples products to earn commissions).
Google Adsense is another good way you can monetize the traffic on your website. It’s by partnering with Google to display targeted ads on your website. You earn money based on the clicks on the ads by your visitors. It does not matter whether they buy or not.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How lawyers can use law information to generate clients on the internet

By Olabode Oruku , 08033205456

In the real world location is the determinant issue to the success of a business. Imagine running an eatery where there are crowd of people you will not lack customers. But on the internet it’s a different thing entirely, you need consistent traffic to generate clients. That is attracting visitors to your website or blog on a continuous basis.

Most of the people that visit the internet especially for the first time go in search of information to solve certain challenges. So the internet is more about providing information to people. As a lawyer your first priority is to offer valuable law information that will help your visitors on legal matters and make the search engine to rank you high in their results. It’s the primary source that most people use to find information. So finding your site through the search engines is vital to the success of your chamber. In this article I will be sharing with you some tips to get traffic from the search engines.

Provide quality law information on your website and blog: The search engines love quality contents because they are in business of satisfying people searching for information. Their spiders are constantly crawling sites for content to index and add to their database. So by providing quality law information on your site will make it to rank you well in their database. The more quality information on your site, the more it will be attracted to the search engines. Just loading your site filled keyword will not make an impact on the search engines or your visitors.

But by slowly and steadily adding pages of quality information will help your site attract the search engine spiders on a regular basis. This will create more interest and potential clients to your site. The visitors too will be happy with the information and they will visit your site regularly and refer others to it. The content will provide platform to build relationship with potential clients and market your expertise in the law industry.

Your law information must be optimized: That is, the law information must be keyword rich to suit the engines. This will boost the chances of your website to come up when people are searching for information that relate to your content. The optimization of your site will determine the numbers of traffic you will attract from it. Keywords can be regarded as the words that people type when they are searching for information on the search engines. The keyword density is how often the keywords appear within the information.

Use original information for your site: It has been noted that the search engines don’t like duplicate materials. So for your site to rank high in their results you must write your own content to write an original content for you. An original content will also help people that are visiting related sites and are looking for fresh information in the law industry. If you are using a template site you will need to change important amount of the information in order to create a site that the search engines will consider as distinctive.

Informative Law Content: As mentioned before, getting traffic is not valuable to you if people leave your site right away. Providing valuable information will be beneficial to your visitors and will help the Search Engines to rank you site higher. There are grammatical rules that some of them use as a basis for removing out falsely optimized sites from the truly informative. Apparently the search engines won’t really know if the content is of any value to your visitors, only you can know that. But if you want your visitors to trust, you have to take time to write good information that will be of value to them.

Relevant Law Information: By focusing your theme-based content site on law information will help your site both with the search engines and visitors. If you are posting information on different topics, you just will not have the opportunity to optimize your site to its greatest potential. The loopholes that optimizers have been trying to use for high ranking engines has created an embarrassment form of sites that boast high keyword ratios, but thousands of unrelated hyperlinks and sometimes even redirection. These redirected websites try to create an optimized web page that will rank high but actually redirect the viewer to a less friendly site.

The summary of the message is that information is everything on the internet. As a lawyer, by providing consistently quality law information to your visitors will improve your listing with the search engines. It will also persuade other website owners to link with you, providing your site with valuable hyperlinks. The word or phrase that people use when searching for content on the engines is known as keyword.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogging is a good public relation tool for lawyers

Blogging is the new trend on the internet today. It gives every business owners the opportunity to communicate with millions of targeted audience and boost their profit online. A blog gives all entrepreneurs a platform to express themselves on the net. It does not matter the kind of business you are doing. You may be a lawyer, caterer, journalist, business person, professional, student, etc.

It’s a form of site that does not necessitate you to understand technical skill like html to design a website. Its content is structured by the date and time it was posted. It gives readers the opportunity to leave comments in an interactive format. According to an article from Blog Herald, as of July 2005 there were an estimated 70 million blogs in the world. As at today it is estimated that at least 3 new blogs are created per day.

My intention with this article is to express my perception that Blogs are good public relation tool for lawyers. A recent Google search I did results in over 23 million law blogs and everyday more new law blogs are created. It is my belief that the 21st century Nigerian legal practitioner, like his/her counterpart in the developed world, should be able to use the internet as a tool in developing his/her practise.

The way the internet works conformed to the ethics by Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) that does not encourage lawyers to advertise their profession. For better understanding of this statement, let’s try and compares advertising and public relations since the internet is a powerful tool for public relations.

Globally, advertising is declining and the growing of public relations. Advertising is paying to get your product and service message to the target audience, while public relations is about telling your business tale in a roundabout way through third party, either the media or word of mouth by people that are contented with your service. The internet is the most important tool to build trust with millions of people because of the speed, efficiency and number of choice available. Here are some other facts for lawyers to consider the internet.

· According to e-marketer, online search marketing will continue to grow by 14.9% annually. People are starting to use the internet more than they watch TV or even read the newspapers.

· A recently Jupiter research report found that more than 25% of the people they studied have cut back on watching TV, so they can spend more time on the internet. On top of that 18% of people in the study said they were reading newspaper less and getting their information on the internet instead.

· According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

· According to Forrester Research, “Despite the recession being felt in other areas of the economy, online sales will continue to grow by 11% in 2009.

There are lots of specific reasons why Blogs are good public relation tool for lawyers. Below are some factors to consider.

1. Blogging can be use by lawyers to give information to the public in a form they can utilize. That way they can build their reputation as a lawyer and place themselves as opinion shaper in the legal profession.
2. It’s a tool that will generate more business, and opportunity for lawyers to brand themselves on the internet as an expert in their industry.
3. It can improve law firm’s reputation and draw journalists looking for law information.
4. Lawyers can search other law blogs to find information. It also provides opportunities for them to connect with each others and share experiences.
5. Legal firms can use Blogging to promote an event or seminar.
6. It’s a good platform to attract new clients and earn from your services (consulting, legal advice, speaking, training, events etc), selling an e-book, tangible book. For example, a land and property lawyer can be writing about real estate to attract target clients.
7. A lawyer could use blog to create a private membership site to increase revenue.
8. A lawyer can focus on writing articles that gives counsel to the general public and in turn some of them will use his/her services. For instance, car accident lawyers writing to educate readers about accident claims from insurance companies will gain trusts from readers and draw more paying clients.
9. It will add to your market exposure, getting you and your law practise notice in your industry.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog. Even if your site is about the cure of the dreaded aids disease and nobody knows about it, there will be no traffic and you will not make sales. As a lawyer if you have a site online, your desire is to generate continuous traffic that will generate more clients to your chamber.

The good news is that you can get targeted free traffic for your chamber with social networking websites. Social networking websites are online communities' platform where people interact. The platform allows people to find old friends and make new ones. Everybody is free to express themselves, upload pictures, video, add music and link to your website.

Examples of social networking websites are Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Squidoo, Hubpages. With this article, I will be discussing how you can generate more clients from facebook, a social networking website. It has become one of the most popular social networking websites that can be used to make more profit for anyone that understand how to showcase his/her business on the platform.

According to traffic ranking of websites, it's the number two after globally. Presently now, the network has over 300 million active users and has many ways for business owners to reach targeted markets on the platform. Below are some of the proven ways to reach potential clients through facebook.

1. Create a profile for your business: The basic thing you can do on facebook to brand your chamber is to create a profile for your business and include the link to your blog and website.

2. Start adding friends to your profile each day: You can now start adding your business colleagues and clients that are already on facebook as your friends. You can also search for new friends to add. The maximum friends limit is presently 5,000. The more friends you add to your profiles, the more people you can socialize with. Facebook allows its users to connect with each other and share information by posting personal information, photographs and connecting to other users who share common interests. The system offers a convenient search feature, which can be used to locate people who may already be members.

3. Start a facebook group: You can start a group to educate people on their civil rights and everything that relates to law. The advantage of running a group is that they are viral and you can invite all your friends to join your group. The disadvantage is that they are not indexed by the search engines and cannot be viewed by people who are not members of Facebook. You may also join groups that are associated with law. Also participate in discussions, share pictures and make announcements relevant to the law profession.

4. Create a facebook page: You can create a facebook page for your chamber. It has additional features compared to group. The advantage here is that they are indexed by Google and available to people that are not Facebook members. When someone becomes a fan of your page, it shows up in their profile. You should see that the most important keyword the page name shows as the page title, making your page search engine optimization friendly. For you to promote your page effectively, you may offer some valuable products for free.

5. Promote an event you are running on your business: You can create an event and then invite all your contacts on facebook to attend it.

6. Promote your blog: You can share information that is on your blog by either posting a note or by importing your external blog. With your facebook profile or facebook page for your chamber, you can add the RSS feed from your blog so that your page will automatically update with your latest postings. When the blog is posted, the note is displayed in your profile and all your friends are notified about it.

7. Sell on the marketplace: Facebook has a marketplace where items can be listed for sale. You can sell your products that are relevant to your group on the facebook marketplace.

8. Put your Facebook link on your website and blog: One of the most effective ways to build a Facebook presence is to put your Facebook link on your website and blog so that people visiting your site can join you on Facebook.

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